Tattoo Artists Assist in Breast Reconstruction Procedures

Tattoo Artists Assist in Breast Reconstruction Procedures

After a woman survives breast cancer, her first goal is to regain a sense of normalcy in her life. In many cases, this means choosing to undergo a breast reconstruction procedure to rebuild a part of herself that was lost through the cancer treatment.

After that procedure, the battle is not over. While breast tissue has been restored, the nipple and the surrounding areola are not what the woman remembers from before the mastectomy.

In an effort to help with this, professional tattoo artists have been striving to create realistic three-dimensional tattoos of the nipple and areola. With the help of these new techniques, women around the globe can anticipate even better outcomes from their breast reconstructions in Las Vegas.

Tattoo Artist Techniques

tattoo gun for after surgery with plastic surgeons las vegas trustsBefore professional tattoo artists became involved in the process, the re-coloration of the nipple and areola was done by the plastic surgeon. However, this often resulted in an aesthetic that was not as realistic as many women would have hoped. Of course, this often leads to increased doubt in oneself rather than an improvement in self-image.

Now that tattoo artists have joined in the battle against breast cancer, patient outcomes have improved significantly. That is because these tattoo artists have much more experience with needle types and speeds, color mixing, and attention to detail.

With this expertise, these artists are able to recreate the most natural looking nipple and areola complexes. Their technical skill makes it possible to compensate for the lack of texture that results from a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. They are even able to create the shadows that make it seem as though the nipple and the little glands around the nipple protrude (if a new nipple was not reconstructed by the plastic surgeon) as they should.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this news is that, with practice and patience, these techniques can eventually be applied to reconstruction procedures on other parts of the body as well. Facial features can be reimagined after a facial reconstruction procedure. Truly, the potential for improved patient outcomes with the help of professional tattoo artists is limitless.

Some Concerns

Some concerns have been expressed regarding the incorporation of these “other” professionals into the world of plastic surgery. A primary concern involved is the possible business that may be taken away from some plastic surgeons in Las Vegas. When patients are referred to other professionals for a part of their reconstruction procedure, a fraction of the plastic surgeon’s business may be lost. However, in the grand scheme of giving patients their best possible outcome, this may be a necessary sacrifice. At Reynolds Plastic Surgery, we do not have this concern as we have an amazing tattoo artist in house.

There has also been a concern about whether or not these tattoo “procedures” will be covered by a patient’s insurance company. Only time will tell for sure, however, there is a belief that insurance will cover the tattoo at least in part. This will be especially true if tattoo artists are willing to go into medical facilities to work rather than having women go to their tattoo parlors.

If you are facing a battle against breast cancer, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Reynolds Plastic Surgery has a dedicated team of professionals ensuring your best recovery.

When the time comes to pursue post-mastectomy options, please schedule a consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon at Reynolds Plastic Surgery  in Las Vegas to see exactly what your options are. For more information, contact Reynolds Plastic Surgery at 702.410.9800.

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