Las Vegas Tummy Tuck

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diagram  of a tummy tuckA tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is one of the most powerful surgical tools a plastic surgeon has.  This surgery is designed to remove the excess skin and fat that can stick around after weight loss or pregnancy no matter what kind of exercises you do.  During weight gain or pregnancy, the stomach muscles that make up the “six-pack” muscles often become permanently separated.  This is termed rectus diastasis.  When this happens, the lower abdomen can appear bloated or fat and is often termed a “pooch.”  During an abdominoplasty, along with removing the skin that never tightens enough and the fat that never seems to go away, the surgeon has access to these six-pack muscles and is able to re-secure them together at the midline.  In combination, this leads to a more contoured waist with a flat abdomen.  It can also be helpful in permanently excising any stretch marks on the lower abdomen.

The scar for this surgery is able to be hidden below the underwear line, in a similar location to a c-section scar, allowing women to be able to get back into their two piece swimsuits without having to be self conscious.

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