Cleft Lip and Palate

The lack of complete development of the upper lip and/or roof of the mouth is among the most common of birth defects, affecting one in 700 babies annually.  This malformation occurs early in pregnancy and although it can be inherited, it is not always.  In fact, in most cases the cause is unknown.  The appearance, depending on the extent, is a physical separation between either side of the upper lip (called a cleft lip) and/or in the roof of the mouth (referred to as the palate).  These two defects do not always come hand-in-hand.  You can have one and not the other.  It can, however, be corrected to recreate a more normal appearance and improved function.  This is done through one or more surgeries depending on what anatomy is affected and the extent of the cleft.

Repairing cleft lips and palates is a passion of Dr. Reynolds.  See Dr. Reynolds’ profile to view more about his past experience with cleft lips and palates.

If you wish to have this repairing procedure done, contact our office today. Dr. Reynolds offers state-of-the-art care for cleft lip and palate repair procedures. He will help you or your child to get that beautiful smile they’ve always dreamed of, and will help solve a lot of other problems associated with this, aside from simple cosmetic issues. Come in for a consultation. We can assure you that you will have the best possible care available, and you’ll be happy with your results!

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