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Tattoo Artists Assist in Breast Reconstruction Procedures

Tattoo Artists Assist in Breast Reconstruction Procedures

Breast reconstruction is a major step in regaining a sense of normalcy in her life when a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Once the breast reconstruction process is complete, most women are left without the nipple and surrounding areola.

In an effort to help with this, professional tattoo artists have been striving to create realistic three-dimensional tattoos of the nipple and areola. Areola repigmentation is done by tattoo, having a 3-D effect in mind. All procedures are done in the beautiful office of Dr. Brandon Reynolds, in a private and sterile environment. It’s the last step in a very hard journey. Each woman is treated with the utmost care and respect while Annie, from Pink Ribbon Tattoo, helps her design what will make her feel whole again. The goal through this process is to help women feel physically and emotionally restored.

Tattoo Artist Techniques

Tattoo Artist

Before a paramedical tattoo artist becomes involved in the process, the reconstruction of the breast is completed by the plastic surgeon. Often, the plastic surgeon will reconstruct the nipple, however there is no coloration of the surrounding areola. Aesthetically, the nipple reconstruction alone is not as realistic as many women hope it to be.

Now that paramedical tattoo artists have joined in the battle against breast cancer, patient outcomes have improved significantly. They’re able to recreate the most natural looking nipple and areola complexes due to their experience with needle types and speeds, color mixing, and attention to detail. Their technical skill makes it possible to compensate for the lack of texture that results from a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. They’re even able to create the shadows that make it seem as though the nipple and the little glands around the nipple protrude (if a new nipple was not reconstructed by the plastic surgeon) as they should.

Truly, the potential for improved patient outcomes, with the help of paramedical tattoo artists, is limitless.

Some Concerns

Some concerns have been expressed regarding the incorporation of these “other” professionals into the world of plastic surgery. A primary concern involved is the possible business that may be taken away from Las Vegas plastic surgeons. When patients are referred to these other professionals for a part of their reconstruction procedure, a fraction of the plastic surgeon’s business may be lost. However, in the grand scheme of giving patients their best possible outcome, this may be a necessary sacrifice. At Reynolds Plastic Surgery, we do not have this concern as we have an amazing tattoo artist in house and are able to offer patients a renewed and whole sense of self from the start of the breast reconstruction process to the completion of it.

There has also been a concern about whether or not these tattoo “procedures” will be covered by a patient’s insurance company. Only time will tell for sure, however, there is a belief that insurance will cover the tattoo at least in part. This will be especially true if tattoo artists are willing to go into medical facilities to work rather than having women go to their tattoo parlors.

If you are facing a battle against breast cancer, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Reynolds Plastic Surgery has a dedicated team of professionals ensuring your best recovery.

When the time comes to pursue post-mastectomy options, please schedule a consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon at Reynolds Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas to see exactly what your options are.

For more information, contact Reynolds Plastic Surgery at 702.410.9800.

The Facts About Breast Implant Removal


Breast Implant Removal

The choice to have breast implant removal may be your own personal choice or the result of a medical need. Regardless of your reasons, there are many facts that you need to consider before you make a final decision.  You need to be aware of what you can be expect before and after surgery and how you will need to prepare yourself if you do decide to have the procedure.

Reasons why breast implants are removed?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, approximately 20,000 breast implant removal surgeries are performed each year in the US.

In a few cases, women who undergo a removal procedure choose to do so simply because the current implants are no longer wanted.  This could be because a woman wants a different size, different or better placement, or just wants to be “natural” again.

More than half of breast implant that are removed are related to one of these problems which include an implant leaking or rupturing, collagen fibers growing around the implant causing pain, or the breast changing shape or size over time. Many of these medical reasons make implant removal a necessity because the implant has become dangerous to your body.

Some other reasons why a women seeks a breast implant removal procedure is:

  • The implant visibly ripped or wrinkled
  • The implant is hardening
  • You are having an allergic reaction to the implant
  • There is an uneven appearance
  • You have persistent pain following the allotted healing time

How are implants safely removed?

It is important to speak with your Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Reynolds before choosing to have this surgery. You should discuss your expectations for the procedure, whether you would like new implants, and any other preoperative procedures that may apply.  There may be a need for blood work and imaging tests as well. Your surgeon will advise if there are any medicines or supplements you need to stop taking leading up to the procedure.

If you decide to undergo a breast implant removal surgery, the procedure is short. Your plastic surgeon will have you in and out within a couple of hours.  In only rare cases, you will have to stay overnight for observation.

Your surgeon will sedate you using intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Your breast implants will then be removed using a small incision under the crease of the breast. If the breast has ruptured, extra care will be taken to prevent further health concerns.

Once the implants are removed, the skin may loosen. Further procedures may be needed to lift the breast and remove excess tissue if the patient isn’t getting new implants. This can be done at the same time or later depending on the patient’s preferences.

Recovery for a breast implant removal surgery is simple. You will be advised to wear compression bandages or a special bra that will help lessen the swelling. It is wise to avoid heavy lifting and extensive reaching for several weeks after the surgery.

If you find that breast implant removal surgery is an option you’d like to look into, please schedule a consultation with Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Reynolds who has a vast knowledge base to address any questions you may have.

For more information about breast removal and reconstruction in Las Vegas, please contact us at 702.410.9800.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Have you, or someone you know, been diagnosed recently with breast cancer? The strides in science that have come from studying breast cancer is huge, and lucking a lot of times, with great treatment, the cancer can go away. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that in order for it to be removed, you are going to have to lose one or both of your breasts in the process. This is very difficult for women. Having cancer is no cake walk, but when you find out that you are going to have to lose your breasts many women feel like they are losing the thing that makes them a woman. If this is something that you or a loved one is going through, then you should know that Las Vegas breast augmentation is somewhere that you can start. Reynolds Plastic Surgery knows that you have gone through a tough period in your life, and you have come out on top, but you lost some things on the way. Reynolds Plastic Surgery can perform breast reconstruction so that they can help get you back to your life and feeling great about yourself. You should be happy that you beat cancer, and you shouldn’t have to lose part of yourself in the process. Contact them today so that you can get started.

Top Breast Reconstruction Myths

breast reconstruction mythsTop Breast Reconstruction Myths

You might think you know everything there is to know about breast augmentation and breast reconstruction but you likely have given in to some of the top breast reconstruction myths.  At Reynolds Plastic Surgery, we have all the information you need to help you get all you need to understand before you undergo a breast implant or reconstruction procedure. Read on to find out more about breast reconstruction myths.

Myth #1: The common size for a female breast is a C cup

This is not true at all. In fact, there are a huge variety of sizes of breasts across all women, and there is no uniform size. C may be the “desired” size by most women in the world, but it is not the most common. Some women are KK’s and others are AAA’s. All sizes and shapes are beautiful and different.

Myth #2: Your breasts will stop developing when you are in your mid-teens

A lot of women don’t actually attain the full growth of their chest until their mid to late twenties. Some women find changes in their breast tissue all the way through menopause. Don’t lose heart!

Myth #3: You’ll always wear the same bra size

This is false. You will likely go up and down sizes up to 10 times in your life, what with pregnancies and other hormonal changes that cause your breast tissue to go up and down in size.

Myth #4: Your breasts need to be symmetrical

You might have heard women refer to their breasts as the “twins”, but it is likely  not true that they’re exactly alike. Your breasts will most likely be different.

Myth #5: Any women who undergoes breast reconstruction does so for an increase in cup size

This is false. Pregnancy actually zaps fat from the chest, and women want to restore that full look once they have completed all their pregnancies. This means that many women undergo breast reconstruction to add the volume back.

Myth #6: Bras can cause cancer

This is absolutely untrue. You may have seen rumors floating around the internet, but there has been no proven scientific evidence that this is in any way linked to breast cancer. Don’t worry yourself about this.

Myth #7: If you have small breasts, you will be unable to breastfeed

This is untrue due to the fact that breast size has nothing to do with milk production, and everything to do with the amount of fat that is in a woman’s chest. There is no correlation between size and the amount of milk.

Understanding these processes will help dismiss all these breast reconstruction myths and get you on the right track when you are looking into having breast reconstruction, or wondering about how best to go about a procedure. Speak with board certified Las Vegas Plastic surgeon Dr. Reynolds’ staff today for more information and you will be much happier with your results. If you have any questions regarding this type of procedure or any of the other ones we offer, contact us for a consultation today. Gathering all the information you can before you begin a procedure will help you feel more confident on the operating table. Contact us today at 702.410.9800.

The Rise of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

breast reconstruction in Las Vegas

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

A new study shows that the majority of women who have a mastectomy for breast cancer go on to get full breast reconstruction.

This is a practice that has dramatically increased over time.  Researches have recently found that 45 percent of patients received reconstruction in 1998, but it has risen to 62 percent by the year 2007.

Breast reconstruction has a big impact on survivors’ quality of life,” say Dr. Reshma Jagsi, M.D. “As more and more people are surviving breast cancer, we need to focus on what that long-term survivorship means for those women. They need to have access to this important pat of their treatment.”

The researchers looked at insurance claims data from a nationwide employment-based database of medical claims. They found that a total of 20,506 women who had been treated for breast cancer with a mastectomy between 1998 and 2007.

While overall rates of reconstruction surgery increased, women who received radiation therapy were much less likely to get reconstructive surgery.

This is concerning, because radiation therapy is increasingly being used after mastectomy as a way to continue to reduce the risk of the cancer returning.

“A growing number of women are eligible for radiation after mastectomy,” says Jagsi. “We have to be aware that this may change patients’ reconstruction options. Patients and physicians have concerns about how best to integrate radiation and reconstruction, and that may be influencing patient decisions.”

In carefully selected patients, radiation saves lives. It is also very well tolerated. However, it is known to cause damage to normal tissue, which may reduce the ability to receive reconstructive surgery.

The research done also revealed a dramatic variation in reconstruction, simply based on geographic region. With numbers ranging from 18% in North Dakota to 80% in Washington DC, studies found this was largely due to the number of plastic surgeons currently practicing in the state.

When there are variations in practice patterns based on geography, there is a concern that care is not being appropriately individualized to each patient.

Researchers have also found that there are more women choosing to have implants rather than recreating breast tissue by using tissue from other parts of their body. While this type of procedure tends to deliver better results, it’s much more time consuming and demanding, and requires a longer hospital stay. Understandably, many women who have undergone such rigorous cancer treatments don’t want to extend their hospital stays longer than necessary.

Breast reconstruction surgery has been shown to improve the self-image and mental well being of thousands of women who have had the unfortunate trial of cancer. Because of the ever-increasing numbers of women having this procedure done, it is widely believed that doctors are offering this as an option to help these women feel like themselves again.

As with any medical procedure, this is one that should be discussed with a Board-Certified plastic surgeon before surgery is scheduled. Talk to your doctor today if you wish to have this procedure done.