Is there a Permanent fix for Frown Lines?

A beautiful lady showing her forehead lines

Frown lines

Philosophers say that we should enjoy the process of aging because life is a gift. Those of us who notice frown lines and forehead furrows, laugh lines and other annoying wrinkles developing probably have a different opinion about aging. For some, this may be so frustrating that you wish for a permanent fix to nix your frown lines.

Unfortunately, science has not uncovered a secret formula that acts as a fountain of youth. There is technically no permanent solution to fix frown lines. However, there are ways for you to achieve the results you desire for months and even years.

Short-Term Solutions

There are so many short term solutions on the market for frown lines and other wrinkle types. Many of them come in the form of lotions and creams that you can buy in the store. The effectiveness of these store bought items varies from product to product and person to person.

For a more effective solution, you may want to consider injectables like Botox. This is a quick and easy solution that can have you in and out of the office in less than an hour. It takes as long as a week for you to see the full results of a Botox treatment. Once you do, the treatment can last as long as four to six months. The few symptoms that can be experienced are short lived.

You also have the option to use absorbable injectable fillers like collagen and hyaluronic acid gel. Unlike Botox in which facial muscles are frozen, this type of injectable solution actually fills the muscles.

Before you decide to be injected with anything, speak with your surgeon about the risks and side effects involved with injectable remedies.

Long-Term Solutions

If you are not against the idea of the long term alternatives that plastic surgery offers, then a forehead lift may be a good solution for you. Talk about your goals with a board certified surgeon. Depending on what you decide, the procedure will include a full re-positioning of the eyebrows or it can be a much simpler process that targets one area.

Naturally, if you decide to pursue the route of surgery, there will be a longer recovery time than with remedies that are just injected. Just like with any surgery, you will be going under the knife and receiving some form of sedation. You may even have to spend the night in the hospital. Just remember that with surgery, comes side effects. You can talk with one of the best plastic surgeons that Las Vegas women feel comfortable with to explain this for you in detail.

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