Loose Skin After Weight Loss? Read This!

Las Vegas plastic surgeons help after weight lossLoose skin after weight loss?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, almost 70 percent of the American population is overweight. So, if you are experiencing loose skin in your abdomen, arms, or thighs from significant weight loss, a congratulations is in order.

The celebration is because your body is now functioning at a much higher level. On top of all of that, you look and feel more confident in your skin. Your spine, joints, and heart are no longer working quite as hard. Also, your other organs are able to function better without the added stress of all the extra weight. Most importantly, you have lowered your risk for a heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Understanding Loose Skin

Your skin is probably your most forgiving organ. It grows and shrinks with you, and constantly protects you from the world you live in. While your skin is able to stretch and shrink, there is a point where the skin begins to lose its elasticity. You skin can stretch to the point where it simply cannot bounce back quickly.

Significant amounts of excess skin can be prevented if weight loss is approached gradually. This gives the skin time to shrink slowly to match the smaller surface area. In the event of rapid weight loss, the elastic characteristics of the dermis are damaged. Because of this, your skin is not able to regain its original shape and smooth appearance.


las vegas plastic surgeons help tighten skinHowever, now that you have lost the weight, there is a good chance that you are interested in completing your transformation by fixing the problem with your stretched skin. Some women opt for a simple solution in the form of compressive undergarments like girdles and spanks. Others try the plethora of creams and lotions on the market that claim to get rid of stretch marks and tighten skin. Women who try to solve their problem with one of these solutions find themselves frequently disappointed and frustrated as time goes on. The most permanent and effective solution to this irritating problem is the plastic surgery Las Vegas residents are not always aware of.

Surprisingly, the removal of excess skin is more than just a cosmetic procedure. In some cases, heat and sweat get trapped in the folds between loose skin and those folds become a breeding ground for rashes. Chronic infection is even a possibility if bacteria or fungus begin to grow in the folds. A lot of the time, these procedures can be covered by insurance.

Talk with Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Reynolds to discuss your options. You’ve done amazing work losing the weight; now you deserve to complete the look you’ve always wanted. Have all your questions aboutlose skin and the trustworthy plastic surgery Las Vegas offers answered by the experts at Reynolds Plastic Surgery. For more information about plastic surgery in Las Vegas, call 702.410.9800.

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  1. Jael

    I have no personal eiexrpence with the surgery but have 5 friends who had gastric bypass and 1 who had the lapband.The commitment is to change one’s eating habits. Period. One person did and has maintained a healthy lifestyle. The other 4, including the lapband did not change their eating habits and didn’t exercise and all have gained back weight weighing less than before but still not healthy.I can’t give you an opinion all I can do is suggest that you make a list of all your questions and speak to a few doctors and a few facilities to find out as much as you can about everything!!!Good luck!

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