Why Do Breasts Sag?

Sagging or ptotic breasts cause major frustrations to many women. Understand the many causes and degrees of sagging breast from Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Reynolds.

Causes of Ptotic Breasts

Sad woman needs las vegas plastic surgeonBecause breasts are made primarily of fat, they become heavier as they grow. As a result, gravity tends to take its toll on women with large, natural breasts. Another common cause of sagging breasts are loss of breast volume after weight loss. When a woman is heavier, the breasts are larger. When weight is lost, the fluctuation causes the fat to shrink within the breast. In some cases, the skin does not shrink to match that of the internal breast tissue.

The skin and ligaments that support the breast also contribute to ptosis. As women age, the skin and ligaments of the breast begin to lose their elasticity. Add that to the role gravity plays and the result is sagging, drooping breasts.

Degrees of Ptosis

First Degree – The nipple and areola sit right at or just above the crease of the breast. The nipple-areola complex is also usually above the lower half of the breast in first degree ptosis.

Second Degree – The nipple-areola complex sits below the breast crease but the nipple still faces forward.

Third Degree – The nipple-areola complex sits below the breast crease and the nipple points downward.

Can it be fixed?

The most common ways to remedy sagging breasts is with a breast lift or a breast augmentation Las Vegas women can feel good about.

To learn more about the differences between breast augmentations and breast lifts, review the procedures on Dr. Reynolds website. Before you make a decision on which procedure would be best for you, consult the Las Vegas plastic surgeons

Keep in mind that you may experience minor side effects with your plastic surgery. These include scarring, loss of skin or nipple sensation, or smaller breasts (if you opted for a lift).

Thankfully, the science and art of plastic surgery has progressed leaps and bounds over the years. As long as you have one of the best Las Vegas plastic surgeons on your side, you can trust that you will receive your best results. Schedule a consultation with Reynolds Plastic Surgery to see what your options are. For more information about breast augmentation in Las Vegas, call 702.410.9800.

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