Plastic Surgery Trends of 2015

Every year there are plastic surgery trends that surprise even the professionals and 2015 is no exception. Check out this quick break down of some popular plastic surgery trends in 2015 and why.

 #1| Botox

This non-invasive procedure topped our list of 2014 plastic surgery trends. In 2014, Botox topped the list as the most popular non-invasive treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles will always be the bane of existence for both men and women. We don’t see this trend falling out of the top trends any time soon.

#2 | Hand Lifts

The world of social media and selfies has helped hand lifts jump to the top of many people’s plastic surgery bucket lists. Ladies are lining up to perfect their digits before flashing that “he put a ring on it!” selfie across the web.

Of course, liposuction and breast augmentation remain the top most common procedures currently performed by plastic surgeons but cultural shifts and breakthroughs in science will tend to boost the popularity of some less well-known procedures.

Whether these procedures retain their popularity through 2015, the quest for personal perfection will not probably end. If you have your own idea of perfection in mind, contact an Board Certified  Plastic Surgeon at 702.410.9800 to schedule a consultation today.

Tighten Up your Face

Tighten up your face

As we get older, we start to lose the elasticity in our skin. The skin that is around the sides of your face can start to sag, your eyelids can droop or, if you smoke, you can get tiny lines all around your mouth. It is very hard for us to face the fact that we are getting older. We do not want to lose the look that we had when we were young and in our prime. If we can do something simple to help keep our beautiful appearance longer, then that is something that we are probably going to try to do. There are many solutions when it comes to getting your younger look back.

For starters, Botox injections and fillers can do wonders. Reynolds Plastic Surgery does a lot more than just breast augmentation procedures in Las Vegas. They do many other cosmetic procedures here that will help get you the desired look that you want. The great thing about going to Dr. Reynolds is that you can be confident that you are going to get a doctor that you know cares about you and the way that you want to look. Botox can be beneficial when it comes to tightening up your skin. They also use fillers to help fill in wrinkles that form around your eyes and mouth. By getting rid of the wrinkles and tightening up your skin, you will once again have that younger looking appearance you so desire to keep. If you want to have the appearance from when you were young, then contact Dr. Reynolds today at 702.410.9800 to schedule a consultation.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Las Vegas Breast Augmentation

There are a lot of women who believe that their breasts are not as large and developed as they should be and many days think about the possibility of breast augmentation surgery. When you hit puberty, a lot of things start to change with your body. You start your period, you get acne, and you start developing larger breasts. If your breasts do not grow as large as you want them to, then many women have experienced some sadness and even depression because of this. Mean people that you went to school with might have made fun of you because of your small or flat chest. If you would like to improve the way that you look, then you should look into breast augmentation surgery at Reynolds Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Reynolds and his staff understand that you want to have your body look the way that you have always wanted. If you have not developed as much as you wanted to, or imagined that you would, then Reynolds Plastic Surgery can help you. You do not have to go through life living with a body that you do not like. You can get a procedure that will give you the size and shape of breasts that you have always wanted. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you will no longer have to hate the way that you look. If you want to have the body that you desire then call Dr. Reynolds today at 702.410.9800 to schedule a consultation.

Breast Reduction Surgery for better health

Breast reduction surgery for better health

One thing that you may not hear a lot about is women complaining that the size of their breasts are too large. There are a lot of women who are very large up top and it causes them a lot of back pain and neck problems. Having large breasts really can get in the way of everyday living so a breast reduction procedure is a logical solution for your better health. Your clothes may be harder to fit into or purchase, meaning you may have to buy a larger size than what you really want to, and when you work out, you encounter a lot more issues and stares.

If you are struggling with the physical and emotional pain caused from having too large of a chest, Reynolds Plastic Surgery can help you. You can get a procedure called a breast reduction. The procedure will make your breasts a smaller size which should help you stop having the problems with your back and neck and you will be able to fit into your clothing better. If you are worried that this reduction may cause you to lose fullness in the upper part of your chest, you could also consider looking at a complete Las Vegas breast augmentation at or near the same time to fill that void.  Getting breast reduction shouldn’t be something that you are afraid of or worried that people are going to judge you. If your breasts are too large, then getting the breast reduction procedure will be better for your health. Contact Reynolds Plastic Surgery today at 702.410.9800 so that you can have the size breasts that you have always wanted.

Getting Carpal Tunnel

Are you at risk for getting Carpal Tunnel?

Do you do a lot of typing for your job? Are you constantly typing out papers, letters, wills, contracts, etc.? If so, then you are at risk for getting carpal tunnel syndrome. This means that you constantly have pressure or stress on the wrist bones and ligaments. This could result in numbness, tingling, or a shooting pain. If this is the case, then you are going to want to make sure that you get the help that you need. With carpal tunnel, you have many options for treatment and prevention. You can get injections, take medications, wear a wrist brace, or have surgery by a board certified surgeon such as Dr. Reynolds to fix it. With advancements in technology and science, you can have surgery that will be minimally invasive. Dr. Reynolds will make one small incision and then use a camera to see where he is making the cut. You can be back to work within just a few weeks. The staff and doctors at Reynolds Cosmetics have a vast amount of knowledge and they have a goal of making you feel and look your best. They want you to be pain free. If you feel that you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or even if you are looking for other cosmetic procedures, then you need to contact Reynolds Cosmetics today at 702.410.9800 to schedule a consultation.