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Younger Women Opting For Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation and Younger Women

Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants

There are a variety of reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation procedures. Years can take a toll on the appearance of a woman’s breasts, and some choose to get a breast augmentation to improve their appearance. Recently, more women are getting breast augmentations solely to boost their confidence. A study revealed that women undergoing the procedure are gradually getting younger and younger every year. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 3,325 women under the age of 19 underwent a breast augmentation procedure in 2013. This is a 64 percent increase of young women within the last ten years.

Young Patients Getting Breast Augmentation

There are a variety of reasons why younger women opting for breast augmentation is not so surprising anymore. 25-year-old Lori Rupp is a young adult who got a breast augmentation procedure after college graduation. She gained confidence after getting the procedure, which helped in her search for a career. Rupp stated, “I work out, eat healthy, and try to take care of myself, but there’s only so much you can do for other aspects of your body.”

The procedure has improved her confidence dramatically. Even shopping has become more fun, offering the opportunity to find clothes that suit her new body.She said, “I can feel more comfortable being at the pool in a swimsuit and not worry about thinking I’m a 12-year-old boy.”

Along with Rupp, there are many other young women undergoing breast augmentation procedures. Every year, more and more young women are becoming interested in the procedure. Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. William Adams explained that his patients are now falling in the demographic of 18-to-26 years old.

Adams stated, “They’re young. They’re going to live a long time. There’s potential for having to replace the implant or having to do other surgeries. There could be unexpected risks and complications. All that has to be discussed.”

Lifespan of Breast Augmentations

The average lifespan of a breast augmentation procedure is about 10 years—from either wanting to upsize, having a leak in the implant, needing a breast revision, or patients suffering from capsular contracture. Overtime, they usually need to be replaced.

When younger women choose to undergo the procedure, they need to be carefully screened. Plastic surgery is a major decision, no matter what procedure a young woman chooses to undergo. They need to be getting the procedure for the right reasons.

Age does play a major role in breast augmentation, as both types of implants aren’t available to women at the same age. Women have to be at least 18 years old to get saline implants, but are required to be at least 22 years old to get the silicone implant.

If you are considering a breast augmentation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Reynolds. He is a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of training. He has helped a number of women enhance their confidence with a breast augmentation procedure. He uses sophisticated surgical techniques and technologies to promote safety and aesthetically pleasing results. For more information about breast augmentation in Las Vegas, contact 702.410.9800.

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