Why You Need a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Why You Need a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Plastic surgeons, just like other doctors, should obtain a board certification before they can open their practice. This means that they have experience in general surgery, as well as specifically in plastic surgery. Before you have a procedure done, you want to be sure you surgeon knows what he’s doing, don’t you? Well, how do you know if he’s certified? What does that mean?

What is Board Certification?

In order to practice medicine in the US, doctors have to be licensed by the states they wish to work in. However, just because they are licensed doesn’t mean they’re qualified to practice in that specific medical area.

Board Certified doctors voluntarily meet additional standards that go above and beyond basic licensing. They will demonstrate that they have expertise through Member Boards that are part of the Board Certification process. Before a doctor can be considered certified, they must complete four years of pre-med education at a college or university, course study that leads to an MD degree from a medical school, and three to five years of residency training.

In order to earn this residency, doctors have to pass a written test and sometimes even an oral exam that’s created and administered by a Member of the board in his specialty. This is only the first step. For the rest of their career, they must continue to undergo additional tests to maintain this board certification. This means they have to keep up with the newest advances in treatments and technology to give the best possible care from their practice.

Why do I need a doctor that is Board Certified?

Well, isn’t it obvious? A board-certified doctor has essentially proven that they are up-to-date with treatment and care, and that they understand, specifically, how to help you. You wouldn’t want a pediatrician giving you a face lift, would you? Definitely not.

In plastic surgery, there can be a lot of sketchy people who try to gouge you for money by professing they offer services that they really know little or nothing about! It should be important to you that the doctor you choose to use has the proper amount of education. You should be able to trust that you will be in good hands as you undergo possible life-altering procedures! This is not something you want to take a risk with.

How do I know if my Doctor is certified?

Your potential doctor may have some sort of display or indication in their practice. You can check for that or be sure by CLICKING HERE to enter your doctor’s name and find out if he is certified as we have done below for Dr. Reynolds!

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Plastic surgery, and any other surgeries for that matter, are serious procedures that should be approached with every level of caution and care possible. You wouldn’t want to risk your well-being at the hands of an inexperienced doctor! Make sure you’re taken care of, and you’ll be much happier with your results!

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