“Natural” Breast Augmentation

Considering breast reductionYou may have seen advertisements for “natural breast augmentation” and wondered “is that real?”. The answer is yes. But it also might be difficult to find. When this procedure is done properly, it seems like an all-around good situation: fat is taken from one area of the body and then placed into the breast as a natural enhancement.

This procedure has been advertised as having no side effects ever reported, but doctors disagree. Transferring fat from one part of the body to another may require multiple procedures over time, because grafted fat can dissolve. Another concerning thing is that when fat is transferred, it can die before it then hardens. During a breast exam, this hardened lump can easily be misdiagnosed as breast cancer.

To find objective information about natural breast augmentation is not easy. Searching for this on the internet will usually bring up pages of testimonials and positive articles from practices that do this operation. They will claim it’s safer and more natural.

Fat transfer to breast tissue started originally to help women who had a mastectomy reconstruct their tissue. Doctors have argued that traditional breast implants will be treated by the body as “foreign” and the body will attack. But placing something that is already found in the body may make it easier for the body to accept it.

However, problems could occur because it’s difficult with imaging. The fat that’s removed with liposuction no longer has a blood supply, and when it’s washed and put into a syringe, there is a risk of infection because it’s foreign body for a period of time.

If the transferred fat doesn’t grow the vessels, then those areas will die. You will then get oily cysts and hardened areas of scar tissues. These hardened lumps aren’t dangerous by themselves, but they can possibly increase the chance that when a woman is screened for cancer, those lumps will be mistaken for cancerous.

What are the side effects?

There are common side effects such as soreness, itchiness, discomfort. When doctors were asked about the cancer screening problem and doctors said while it was a problem, it’s very rare. Improvements in screening in the future will make it easier to discern the differences between cancerous lumps and lumps from these surgeries. This will make it less likely that women will need to get biopsies unnecessarily. 

As with any surgery, there are always concerns. However, if this is done correctly, there may not be any complications. It is definitely something to consider when thinking about the option of breast augmentation, but it may not be the best idea knowing all the risks that are involved. Infections are a serious concern and because of this, it is important to make sure that a qualified doctor is used to complete the procedure. Decreasing all possible risks of infection is a very important step to ensure that your procedure is done correctly and that you will have the best, most satisfactory results. There are pros and cons to “natural” and more traditional breast augmentation. Make sure to weigh these before making a decision.



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