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Loose Skin After Weight Loss? Read This!

Las Vegas plastic surgeons help after weight lossLoose skin after weight loss?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, almost 70 percent of the American population is overweight. So, if you are experiencing loose skin in your abdomen, arms, or thighs from significant weight loss, a congratulations is in order.

The celebration is because your body is now functioning at a much higher level. On top of all of that, you look and feel more confident in your skin. Your spine, joints, and heart are no longer working quite as hard. Also, your other organs are able to function better without the added stress of all the extra weight. Most importantly, you have lowered your risk for a heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Understanding Loose Skin

Your skin is probably your most forgiving organ. It grows and shrinks with you, and constantly protects you from the world you live in. While your skin is able to stretch and shrink, there is a point where the skin begins to lose its elasticity. You skin can stretch to the point where it simply cannot bounce back quickly.

Significant amounts of excess skin can be prevented if weight loss is approached gradually. This gives the skin time to shrink slowly to match the smaller surface area. In the event of rapid weight loss, the elastic characteristics of the dermis are damaged. Because of this, your skin is not able to regain its original shape and smooth appearance.


las vegas plastic surgeons help tighten skinHowever, now that you have lost the weight, there is a good chance that you are interested in completing your transformation by fixing the problem with your stretched skin. Some women opt for a simple solution in the form of compressive undergarments like girdles and spanks. Others try the plethora of creams and lotions on the market that claim to get rid of stretch marks and tighten skin. Women who try to solve their problem with one of these solutions find themselves frequently disappointed and frustrated as time goes on. The most permanent and effective solution to this irritating problem is the plastic surgery Las Vegas residents are not always aware of.

Surprisingly, the removal of excess skin is more than just a cosmetic procedure. In some cases, heat and sweat get trapped in the folds between loose skin and those folds become a breeding ground for rashes. Chronic infection is even a possibility if bacteria or fungus begin to grow in the folds. A lot of the time, these procedures can be covered by insurance.

Talk with Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Reynolds to discuss your options. You’ve done amazing work losing the weight; now you deserve to complete the look you’ve always wanted. Have all your questions aboutlose skin and the trustworthy plastic surgery Las Vegas offers answered by the experts at Reynolds Plastic Surgery. For more information about plastic surgery in Las Vegas, call 702.410.9800.

Plastic Surgery Can Help Love Yourself

Help Love Yourself

When it comes to loving yourself, you have to be proud with what you have. Being comfortable with your body is very hard. We don’t look in the mirror and think we are perfect. Well you are not alone; there is plenty of woman who have self confidence issues. The only way we can overcome this is by learning to love ourselves.

There might be times where someone will say something about your weight. Automatically you know your heart drops and you start took at yourself different. This can even happen with other people criticizing how you look. The best way to ignore these people is to let it in one ear and out the other. No one should have the right to make you feel bad about yourself.

When you look into the mirror do you see yourself how you want to? Or are you grabbing at your sides and sucking in your stomach? This is normal, not everyone is going to be happy with the body that was given to them. But why have to change yourself. It’s time to learn to be happy with what you have.

It’s hard to love yourself when you feel like the world is against you. But he love for yourself only can come from one person and that is you. No matter what size and shape you are you have to wake up and remember every day that you are beautiful.Help Love Yourself

When you have found how to love yourself and you are still unhappy with some parts of your body it is totally okay to get something done. Either start eating a better and cut out a lot of junk from your life or start exercising. If you don’t want to take that path plastic surgery is also another great option. This will allow you to change exactly what you want with no regrets.

If you take the step of plastic surgery, remember to think very hard first. When you go into the doctor make sure you know exactly what you want to do. Tell the doctor about the insecurities that you are having and that you want to fix them. From there the doctor should be able to take the rains and get you closer to loving your body.

The happiness that you will feel after you get a procedure done will be amazing. Once you are all healed up you can look into the mirror and just see all your insecurities wash away.  Then you will be able to start learning to love yourself even more then you already do.

There is nothing to be ashamed about if you are self conscious. The way the world works these days makes you feel like if you do not look like a model, then you are ugly. That’s completely false and no one should ever feel that way. We are all beautiful and we all are unique. If you don’t love your body then change it, call Reynolds Plastic Surgery and get to know the new you.

Things to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Las Vegas RhinoplastyThings To Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic or plastic surgery definitely isn’t something that should be taken lightly. You should know as much as possible about your procedure before undergoing something new and different. If you do your research, you will find that you feel much more confident going into you procedure. Follow these tips to help you feel more confident going into your surgery:

Know your surgeon

Select a qualified, reputable practitioner to perform your procedure, and research that surgeon thoroughly. Find out how long they have been practicing, what qualifications they offer, which areas or procedures they specialize in, and you will slowly but surely get an idea of whether they are the right doctor for you.

Meet them in person

It is vital to meet your doctor in person before the day of your treatment. Surprisingly, not all practices require that patients meet the surgeon prior to the surgery. If you are told this is not possible before your procedure, be wary. You should choose to meet elsewhere. Not being able to meet with your provider just screams sketchy.

Research the procedure

The internet provides a plethora of information about specific cosmetic procedures being carried out, so read the stories of people who have already undergone the procedures and engage in conversation on reputable forums. All of this will help you make an informed decision about whether this is the right procedure for you. Remember there is conflicting information, so be sure to verify the information you find with your potential practitioner.

Understand the risks

There are always risks involved with every cosmetic procedure, regardless of how non-invasive they are. During your consultation, your surgeon should be open and honest with you about the potential risks or dangers involved. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, particularly if there is something about the procedure that worries you. Any surgeon who claims there are no risks involved is not to be trusted.

Understand the recovery process

Being completely informed about the recovery process is vital so you can prepare yourself in advance. Patients often neglect to think about many post-op factors. Ask if it’s a walk-out procedure, if there will be pain, if you need to take time off work. What does the post-operative care entail? When are the follow up visits? Your doctor should discuss these things thoroughly in advance.

Plastic surgery is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your cosmetic appearance and feel great about your new body. If you wish to have a procedure done, talk to one of our doctors today for a consultation! We can give you information on what is the best procedure for you, and how well it should work for you. If you make an informed decision, you’ll be much more likely to have a great experience all around. Talk to our professionals today for a consultation at 702.410.9800!

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

abdominoplasty in las vegasWhen considering a plastic surgeon, it is important to be sure you have one that is trustworthy, that will give you the best possible service, and is one you can afford. However, there is a hierarchy of things that are needed and things you should consider before getting plastic surgery. This article will give you the top 5 things to consider before you undergo a plastic surgery.

When you’re looking for a health care provider, you wouldn’t try to find one that is simply the cheapest. You wouldn’t want one that simply charges you the lowest rate. Instead, you would consider one who has good qualifications, experience, and credentials to know that he will be professional when assisting you. The same is with plastic surgeons. If you are looking for a good plastic surgeon, there are many things you should consider outside of price, although that is a good point.

Look at your budget.

While budget shouldn’t be your only concern, because if you only choose a plastic surgeon for their cheap services, you may find one who is not worthy of your trust. However, it is important to know what your budget is, and stick to it. Figure out the exact number you can spend, and see what is available. You may be able to find a procedure within your budget.

Stay in the US.

Many people may talk of successful experiences with plastic surgery when they go abroad, but you should be wary before considering this. Many people are tempted by the prices that are offered by those out of the country, but you may be giving up many rights in a foreign place. As well, foreign surgeons do not have the same regulations as those in the US, which may put your health at serious risk.

Get a consultation.

Always have a consultation before undergoing surgery. This is a good time to discuss your personal needs in a surgery, and to ask any important questions you may have. This is also a good time to see if the doctor is one you feel you can trust.

Get Medical Tests.

Before having any surgery, it is important to have proper assessments done. Always have a complete physical and make note of any medical issues before undergoing a procedure. If you don’t, you may be at risk of complications during surgery.

Get your doctor’s credentials.

Where did your provider study? What papers or certifications can be provide? Is the provider board certified in your state? Whatever type of surgery you may be going in for, you need to make sure you’re aware of the risks that may be involved. A trustworthy doctor will always provide you with this information.

All of these tips will help you make sure you find a doctor who is trustworthy, and can complete your procedures in the safest, most budget-friendly manner possible. If you need  plastic surgeons in Las Vegas, contact our office immediately, and we can help you with any questions you may have, as well as ensuring you we are trustworthy and willing to give you the best care possible.

Understanding the Face-lift Procedure

facelift in las vegasA face-lift is the most extensive way to reduce or fully remove the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the face that may be caused by age. This article will help explain the face-lift procedure and what you should know before you decide to have it done to you.

What is a face-lift?

As mentioned before, a face-lift is a surgical procedure that removes or reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face. In times past, when the face-lift was first introduced to the cosmetic arena, the skin was literally lifted off the face so skin and tissues beneath it could be tightened, and the skin would subsequently be re positioned smoothly over top of the face. This is still done today.

What happens during the procedure? 

Before undergoing this procedure,  you will be sedated either through an intravenous line or general anesthesia. After this, the surgeon will make an incision that starts in the temple and circles around the top and front of the ear. The skin is raised up, and the muscle and tissue underneath is tightened. The surgeon may find fat and skin that should be removed at this point. Following this, the skin is then redraped over the face and the incision is closed. It typically falls along the hairline or in a place where the skin would normally crease, so the scarring will not show after surgery.

What is to be expected following surgery?

After surgery, your face will be bandaged. These bandages are usually removed after 1 to 2 days. There may have also been a drainage tube placed in your face after surgery and that will be removed at the same time as well.

Your doctor may also prescribe medicines to relieve the pain after surgery. You should expect swelling and bruising of the face. Cold compresses and ice should relieve these side effects. Doctors will also advise to avoid smoking because tobacco smoke increases risk for skin and tissue death and will make scarring even worse.

After 2 to 3 weeks, most people can return to their normal activities.

How well does this procedure work?

Having this procedure can make your face look younger and healthier. There is no escaping aging, but a face-lift is known to “take years off” your face. It may increase your self-confidence and reduce anxiety over growing older. However, it cannot reverse sun damage or remove all facial wrinkles. For best results, you may want to have skin treatment along with a face-lift.

This procedure is a great one to undergo if you feel you need a boost to your confidence and your self-image afterward. As with any cosmetic surgery, this is a medical procedure and you should always consult your doctor before undergoing any surgeries. Be sure your doctor is board-certified, and always make sure you know all the facts before you begin.  If you’re looking for a facelift in Las Vegas contact us today for a consultation.

To learn more about the face-lift procedure, click here.