Breast Reconstruction Surgery

breast reconstruction in Las Vegas Breast reconstruction surgery is a common procedure that is performed after a mastectomy is done after breast cancer. This type of surgery is done to replace skin, breast tissue, and the nipple that is removed during the mastectomy. The amount of tissue that is removed during these procedures is different for each patient, so a pre-operative exam must be done in order to see whether you are a candidate for this surgery.  The ultimate goal of this surgery is to restore symmetry between both breasts.

Thinking about breast reconstruction

When it comes to breast reconstruction in Las Vegas, the choices that may be right for one woman won’t be right for you, and the choices that may be right for you may not be right for anyone else. This is why it’s important to consult your doctor before undergoing any of these procedures. The long-term prospects of living without a breast or even part of a breast will affect every woman differently.

After you undergo a mastectomy, you may opt to wear pads or external breast forms, or you may choose to make no attempt to alter your appearance. Conversely, you may choose to undergo breast reconstruction, which can be done with breast implants, or your own tissue.

Why should this be considered?

Restoring the breast is not considered cosmetic surgery, done by many today to enhance the appearance of their existing breasts. Reconstructive surgery, done to restore anatomy and symmetry, are considered reconstructive surgery. Because this is done as treatment after a disease, the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act mandates that insurers proved coverage for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy.

This procedure not only changes your appearance, but it has psychological benefits as well. It can promote a sense of wellness for you and your family.

When should this procedure be performed?

Timing of this procedure is based on many different factors including the patient’s desires, medical conditions, and cancer treatment. It is actually quite common to have the breast reconstruction performed in conjunction with the mastectomy. This not only reduces the trauma and psychological effects from having the breasts removed, but it also removes the expense and discomfort of having two separate surgeries.

It is also possible to do a breast reconstruction months or even years after a mastectomy – provided chemotherapy and radiation treatments have been completed. Consult with a doctor to find out what timing will be right for you if you wish to undergo this procedure.

Breast reconstruction is a fairly common procedure and can work wonders in improving the appearance and feelings of a woman regarding her physical well-being. Undergoing this procedure will ensure that you can feel and look as healthy as possible, and return to a relatively normal life after your battle with cancer. This type of procedure can and should empower women to feel their best, and continue on to conquer their every day lives.

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