What is Wetting Solution?

If you have been researching the process of liposuction in Las Vegas, there is a chance you have come across the term wetting solution. If you have been curious about exactly what that is, Las Vegas plastic surgeons have provided an answer.

What is a wetting solution?

wetting fluid from las vegas plastic surgeonsAccording to many resources, wetting solution and tumescent solution can be used interchangeably. However, tumescent solution is used more often so that may be why you are unfamiliar with wetting solution.

Fundamentally, a wetting solution works the same as a tumescent solution. It is a fluid that is injected into the fat before a liposuction procedure. This is done to help prep the desired area so that the excess fat can be removed easily.

A wetting solution also makes it so that heavy sedation or general anesthesia are sometimes not necessary. It also reduces blood loss and the need for the intravenous resuscitation of fluids.

What’s in it?

A wetting solution works in this way because it is made with saline, lidocaine, epinephrine and sometimes bicarbonate.

The lidocaine is what numbs the area that is going to be treated with liposuction. It temporarily blocks the ends of the nerves from sending and receiving signals.

The epinephrine is what helps to reduce blood loss by causing the blood vessels in the area to narrow. Epinephrine is also useful because it helps prevent the body from absorbing too much lidocaine. This is important because lidocaine can become toxic if too much is absorbed by the body. Lidocaine toxicity can lead to an irregular heart rate, brain complications and even death.

Sodium bicarbonate is what makes the lidocaine less acidic. This is necessary in order to keep the solution from irritating the tissues and creating pain when it is injected into the body.

This concoction is beneficial for a number of reasons. With the help of wetting solutions, there is a reduced need of blood transfusions and other IV fluids. For the patient, there is less pain and nausea that can often be experienced after general anesthesia.

How is it used?

Wetting solutions are used primarily in liposuction procedures. However, it is also possible to see wetting solutions complimenting tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast reductions and facelifts.

To learn more about the possible use of wetting solutions in your plastic surgery Las Vegas procedure, schedule a consultation with one of the professionals at Reynolds Plastic Surgery. For more information about a good liposuction doctor in Las Vegas, call 702.410.9800.

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