Understanding the Limits of Plastic Surgery

Understanding the limits of plastic surgery

Many people maintain a belief that plastic surgery will be the key that unlocks their unlimited potential. However, this isn’t always the case. By understanding that there are, in fact, limits to the powers of plastic surgery, you can enter into a commitment to change your body armed with rationality and clearheadedness.

The Facts

plastic surgery trendsA study published on JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery aimed to determine the empirical value of facial plastic surgery procedures studied fifty independent viewers that were shown the before and after photos of 49 people who had undergone procedures such as face lifts, brow lifts, and/or eyelid surgery.

According to the study, there isn’t usually that drastic of a difference between a pre-procedure face and a post-procedure face to a neutral observer. The study determined that, on average, people who’ve undergone facial procedures only look about three years younger than they did before.

*Keep in mind that this study only included the before and after pictures of people who had relatively simple “touch-up” procedures done. This study did not include patients who had undergone major reconstruction.*

Of course, what ultimately matters most is how you feel about yourself. If you are unhappy with your appearance, you have the right to make a change. You should feel comfortable in your own skin. Contact Reynolds Plastic Surgery at 702.410.9800 today to schedule a consultation with a Las Vegas plastic surgeon and discuss the you you desire to be.

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