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Increase in Using Botox injections

Increase in Using Botox injections

Botox injection and other inject-able fillers have become increasingly popular in the US recently. More people are opting to get fillers over a face lift procedure. Botox recently has secured the number one spot as the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Over six million injections were performed in the year 2012, a statistic from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The number of face lifts done the same year was only about 120,000.

So many more people are opting for the non-surgical route for many reasons. For one, the convenience. Going under for a face lift surgery can take weeks to recover. This means that you will be out of work for an extended period of time. If you have children this can make taking care of them more difficult. Getting a Botox or other inject able filler can be done on a lunch using botoxbreak. Yes, that’s right. You can literally go on your lunch break, get the injections, and then return to work feeling just fine. The recovery time for a face injection is virtually nothing.

Another reason why more people prefer inject-able fillers is that they are able to be  customized. You can get Botox injected in whatever part of your face you wish and it won’t affect the rest of your face. There are different options for products, too. You can get muscle relaxers injected to help smooth away wrinkles or you can get filler injected to enhance the appearance of your lips. The possibilities are seemingly endless. A face lift can’t offer the same outcome. Also, the face lift procedure affects your entire face. You can’t simply get your wrinkles lifted when you go under.

Also with Botox and inject-able fillers you can start small. You have the option to begin with just one and if you like it you can always go back for more. A face lift is all or nothing. Also, Botox and inject-able fillers do not last forever. You have to get them redone every few years. So if you don’t like the way it looks the first time, you don’t have to get it redone.

Because Botox and inject-able fillers aren’t performed in surgery, the risks are much lower. Botox has risks of causing dry eye, drooping eyelid, crooked smile or cockeyed eyebrows. Face lifts can cause swelling, bruising, scarring and the pain after surgery can be unbearable. Botox does not cause any pain.

Using Botox and inject- able fillers are much more cost efficient. Because a face lift requires you to go under anesthesia, you have to pay a lot more. Also, the recovery time can be costly because you will have to miss work for a week or two. A facial rejuvenation procedure is much cheaper. Also, the recovery time won’t cost you anything.

If you are considering using Botox or other inject-able fillers, you should schedule a consultation with Reynolds Plastic Surgery. The Las Vegas plastic surgeon can answer any questions you may have about the procedure. Dr. Reynolds is a board certified plastic surgeon, so you can be sure that the procedure is going to be done right. For more information, contact 702.410.9800.