Quality of Life Improves After Breast Augmentation

Quality of Life Improves After Breast Augmentation

Women decide to undergo breast augmentation procedures for various reasons. Some want the procedure for the sole reason of having larger breasts, while others get the procedure after having a mastectomy. A study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that women who have undergone a breast augmentation procedure report having a better quality of life overall. The women claimed to have gained confidence in both their psycho-social and sexual well-being.

Better Quality of Life

Very happy smiling womanThe BREAST-Q survey was used to measure each woman’s standpoint before and after the procedure. The survey was created for a new patient-reported outcome measure, with both satisfaction and quality of life evaluated through a modular, procedure specific structure. The survey focused on six aspects that affect the quality of life: satisfaction with breasts and overall outcome; psycho-social, sexual and physical well-being; and satisfaction with care.

Women took the survey six weeks before the surgery, six weeks after the surgery and again six months later. More than 600 women participated in the survey and were asked to rank their satisfaction on a 100-point scale. Most women received silicone implants, and in each surgery, the implant was placed under the muscle.

Results of the Study

The study found an increase of satisfaction levels from 25 out of 100 up to 80 out of 100 after the surgery. Psycho-social and sexual well-being had a similar outcome.

However, the study also found that many of the older women tended to have a decrease in their quality of life following the surgery. Six weeks after the surgery, they reported having lower physical function. However, after an additional six weeks, their physical function levels returned to normal. A lower physical function could cause a delay in the recovery process, meaning patients will have to attend more follow-up appointments with their surgeon to ensure that full function does eventually return.

ASPS member Dr. Amy K. Alderman stated, “The older patients seem less satisfied with their aesthetic result and less likely to have their expectations met.”
The survey also revealed that older patients were not as satisfied with their breasts following the procedure. Scores from women over the age of 50 averaged at 77 out of 100. Meanwhile, the scores for women under the age of 30 averaged 90 out of 100.

An increase in the quality of life is considered one of the most important factors when undergoing a cosmetic surgical procedure. Breast augmentation is the most common procedure in the US, and in 2013, about 290,000 women underwent a breast augmentation procedure.

Dr. Adlerman concluded, “These data along with other research using the BREAST-Q can be used on the policy level to support the availability of breast implants for women in the US and worldwide.”

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