Plastic Surgery Trends of 2015

Every year there are plastic surgery trends that surprise even the professionals and 2015 is no exception. Check out this quick break down of some popular plastic surgery trends in 2015 and why.

 #1| Botox

This non-invasive procedure topped our list of 2014 plastic surgery trends. In 2014, Botox topped the list as the most popular non-invasive treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles will always be the bane of existence for both men and women. We don’t see this trend falling out of the top trends any time soon.

#2 | Hand Lifts

The world of social media and selfies has helped hand lifts jump to the top of many people’s plastic surgery bucket lists. Ladies are lining up to perfect their digits before flashing that “he put a ring on it!” selfie across the web.

Of course, liposuction and breast augmentation remain the top most common procedures currently performed by plastic surgeons but cultural shifts and breakthroughs in science will tend to boost the popularity of some less well-known procedures.

Whether these procedures retain their popularity through 2015, the quest for personal perfection will not probably end. If you have your own idea of perfection in mind, contact an Board Certified  Plastic Surgeon at 702.410.9800 to schedule a consultation today.

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