The Moral Compass of a Plastic Surgeon

Many people don’t realize the fine line Las Vegas plastic surgeons walk between surgical morals and patient desires. There is a code of ethics that keep surgeons from performing procedures that will jeopardize the health and safety of the patient.

Female doctor analyzing patient fileOf course, there are grey areas to this code of ethics. A surgeon has to determine what’s considered safe for each procedure. Naturally, this safety standard can vary from patient to patient. In addition, a surgeon has to determine whether it’s a good idea to try a new tool or procedure on a patient.

More decision need to be made when psychological health comes into question. Plastic surgeons in Las Vegas have to determine if a patient is mentally and emotionally fit enough to undergo surgery. This requires a relatively extensive screening process.

In the patient screening, surgeons have to ask a series of pointed questions to discern a patient’s mental and emotional health. They are also looking to understand a patient’s expectations about a procedure. Through this screening process, a surgeon is can discover one of the following things:

  • The patient is overall healthy and able to undergo a plastic surgery procedure in Las Vegas with minimal concern.
  • The patient has unrealistic expectations for their procedure but able to be counseled.
  • The patient shows signs of mental health conditions that manifest as unreal expectations and cannot be counseled. Body dysmorphic disorder is a condition that is commonly seen. It makes patients see problems with their bodies that aren’t really there.

If the screening reveals that the patient has unrealistic or unhealthy expectations, then the plastic surgeon has a very serious decision to make. Does he / she try to counsel the patient into seeing reason? Or does he / she forego the procedure and recommend the patient seek treatment for their mental inconsistencies?

Even with the answers to these questions in mind, a surgeon’s job is not over. Plastic surgeons also have to remember that beauty rests in the eye of the beholder. There are times when the patient has one idea of beauty and the surgeon another. In these cases, communication is paramount. While it’s important for the patient to express their desires, surgeons must exhibit the courage to discourage a patient from partaking in a procedure that will give less optimum results.

At the end of the day, surgeons have to pull from all their years of experience and that is why you want Dr. Brandon Reynolds, with all his years of experience and specialized training.

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