How Does the Liposuction Procedure Work?

The Liposuction Procedure

Everyone deserves to have some idea of what they can expect from a medical procedure. If you have been thinking about having a liposuction procedure done in Las Vegas, here is a general guide for how the process works.

Step 1: Marks are made.

First, one of our Las Vegas plastic surgeons will mark all the areas that are to be treated with liposuction in this session. This is done so that the procedure can be done accurately and effectively.

Step 2: Anesthesia is given.

anesthesia from a board certified Las Vegas plastic surgeonNext, you will be given a medication that will make you comfortable while the procedure is being done. This medication can be general anesthesia, a local anesthetic, or intravenous sedation. It can also be a combination of these medications. You are welcomed to talk with your surgeon about what type of anesthesia will be best for you during your liposuction procedure.

Step 3: Incisions are made.

During this step, incisions about the size of a grain of rice will be made. This is where the cannula will enter you. It is possible that a technique called crisscrossing will be used to give your body the best shaping. Contouring just means that multiple incisions are made in the same area to eradicate the excess fat tissue in the most effective way.

Even with this crisscrossing technique, your Las Vegas plastic surgeons will do their best to make the incisions in a way that the resulting scars can be hidden. If you are concerned about where the scars will be, discuss this with your surgeon.

Step 4: Tumescent fluid is injected.

A very small cannula is inserted into your incisions in a process that is called infiltration. This is done to deliver the tumescent fluid that numbs the area that will be performed upon. It also makes the blood vessels in the area shrink so that there is a lowered risk for bleeding and bruising.

Step 5: Fat is removed.

A larger cannula is inserted into the same incisions to remove the fat. A plastic surgeon in Las Vegas will move the cannula back and forth to loosen and suction the fat. The fat travels down special tubing into a canister that collects the fat.

Step 6: Incisions are closed.

In a closed drainage procedure, the doctor will carefully close all the incisions with sutures. He or she may also place small drainage tubes to help with healing. There will also likely be the use of steri-strips to help the wound stay closed.

In an open drainage procedure, the doctor will not close the incisions. They will be allowed to drain openly. You can anticipate drainage for about two days following a liposuction procedure.

Step 7: Compression garments are used.

After your procedure is done, you will be fitted with compression garments that help to apply the necessary pressure to keep swelling down. These special undergarments are usually made of medical grade, Spanx-like material. Because of the compression, they will also help your skin shrink down to its new shape.

A Word of Caution

Just remember that this step-by-step guide is only a guide. Your procedure may include additional steps that are tailored to your bodies needs.

If you have any questions about how a liposuction procedure in Las Vegas is supposed to work, schedule a consultation with the professionals at Reynolds Plastic Surgery.  For more information about scheduling a consultation for your liposuction procedure, please Call Us Today at 702.410.9800.

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