Cosmetic Surgery: A Surprising Valentine’s Day Trend

fit tummyValentines day is arguably the one day of the year that women are most concerned with the way they look. Perhaps it’s not so surprising that plastic surgeons across the country experienced an exponential spike in consultations and procedures in the months before the holiday of love.

Specifically, there seems to be more of a correlation between the holiday and women’s desire for quick fix procedure such as Botox .

However, one invasive procedure in particular seemed to outshine all other procedures this past year. It could be because, even though liposuction is technically considered an invasive procedure, recovery is generally pretty short for people with good overall health. Depending on the expanse of work done and the Las Vegas plastic surgeon chosen, you can be in an out of the procedure ready for your Valentine’s date in just a couple of days.

Of course, this heightened success rate also depends on how much contouring you’re looking to have done during your procedure. It can be expected that, the more you want to sculpt and shape your body, the longer recovery time you can anticipate.

Now that Valentine’s day has passed, plastic surgeons should be returning to their normal schedules. So, it is actually a great time to schedule a consultation to discuss how you’d like to improve your body. Just call 702.410.9800 today to speak with an experienced plastic surgeon trusted around the Las Vegas valley.

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