Breast augmentation

There are various reasons why women choose to get a breast augmentation. Some simply wish to have bigger and fuller breasts, whereas others had to get a mastectomy for breast cancer. Breast augmentation in Las Vegas can be done with the help of doctors at Reynolds Reconstruction. Before going under the knife, it is important to know all the facts.

Types of implant

There are two types of implants used for a breast augmentation: saline and silicone. Your Las Vegas plastic surgeon can discuss with you the benefits and risks of each one. Ultimately, it will be your decision which is the best choice. You will get a chance to feel each option and see a variety of pictures of each. Many women claim that the silicone implant feels more real, but there is a risk of Breast_implants_in_hand_01it leaking. The FDA requires a woman to be at least 18 years of age to get the saline implant and at least 22 years of age for the silicone implant. Saline implants are typically filled after they are implanted. This means there will be less visible scarring. Depending on the surgeon, your body type, implant type and size of enlargement, the incision will either be made around the areola, under the breast or through the armpit.


Again, recovery depends on all the different factors involved. Typically, pain will subside after a few days. You will need to take it easy and avoid heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity for about six weeks after the procedure. You will need to wear an elastic bandage over your breasts or a support bra to reduce the swelling. You will need to wear it for at least a week.


Unfortunately, breast implants will not last a lifetime. Women with the silicone implant will need to get an MRI of their chest three years after the procedure is done and every two years following that. The doctor can be sure that there is no silent rupture in the implant with the MRI scans. Typically an implant will last around 15 years. Even if the implant never ruptures, you may still need to get the implant replaced at some point in your life. This is simply due to the aging process. Skin may sag in unattractive ways around the implant. Change in hormones or weight fluctuation can also have an effect on your implants. Even if your implants seem perfect at first, it is important that you attend regular appointments with your Las Vegas plastic surgeon to ensure they stay in good shape for as long as possible.

If you or someone you know is unhappy with the way their breasts look, consider talking with a breast augmentation surgeon in Las Vegas. They can answer any questions you may have about cost, recovery and the different types of implants. When considering get a Las Vegas breast augmentation, think of all the benefits and risks. This is a major procedure and should not be taken lightly. For more information, contact Reynolds Reconstruction at 702.410.9800.

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