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What is Blepharoplasty?

What is Blepharoplasty?

Eye Lid SurgeryYou may have heard the term blepharoplasty and wonder – what on earth is that? Actually, chances are, you haven’t heard of that at all because the common explanation or word for this surgical procedure is an eyelift or eyelid lift. This article will explain more in depth on what to expect from this surgery.

What is a blepharoplasty?

A blepharoplasty is a procedure in which excess fat pockets and skin are surgically removed from the lower and upper eyelids. There is a trend that states that removing as much skin as possible in people with eyelid changes as well as age-related facial changes end up with conservative surgery and natural looking results. Other approaches include adding volume by grafting fat to the area or laser resurfacing.

When deciding whether or not you would like this surgery, you need a board certified surgeon that focuses on the structures around the eyelid, and not just the eyelid itself. All areas surrounding – such as mid face, eyebrow and cheekbones are necessary to have good and desirable results. If you have droopy eyelids or eyebrows, you will need to address this in a different way if it occurs in the same time. If you have hollowing of your lower lid, it would simply make things worse to remove more fat. If you add more volume with filler agents, you can improve the appearance of your face.

How do I know if I am a candidate for this surgery?

If you desire to acquire this surgery, you should consider a few things first. Have you had a prior eyelid surgery? This may increase your risk. Do you have a history of dry eyes? This surgery could make it worse. If you have excess eyelid skin or low set brows, you may be wise to combine a brow lift with the upper-eyelid blepharoplasty. You should customize your treatment plan so your age, examination findings, and gender, as well as your desired results are all taken into account. When you have a brow lift, the incisions could incorporate your eyelid-lift surgery. These incisions can be well-hidden underneath your brows and not leave a lasting scare. If you want a transformation, it needs to be approached with subtlety. When you combine these two surgeries, you likely obtain a more natural and youthful look. This also means you will have less skin to remove from the upper portion of your eyelids.

If you are interested in this surgery, it may be because you have a “hollowed-out” look in your upper eyelids. This could be age-related or possibly even caused by a previous eyelid surgery. Your doctor should perform an evaluation of your appearance be able to recommend the best thing for you that will allow you your desired results.  Often times, in place of surgery, you can acquire non-invasive injections or volume augmentations using fillers instead for a less evasive solution. You can obtain this procedure at the hands of a cosmetic surgeon. A ptosis repair can also improve the appearance of your eyelids.

This is a very delicate surgery and there is a lot to consider before completing it! Please schedule a consultation with Reynolds Plastic Surgery to see what your best options are. For more information, call our staff in Las Vegas at 702.410.9800.

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