Facelift in Las Vegas (Rhytidectomy)

Understanding the face lift

Over time the elasticity of the facial skin decreases, and the healthy fat in your face shrinks and droops, causing unwanted wrinkles and bagging. You may notice it changing in ways you never wanted—forming jowls alongside your chin, deep creases along the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and mid-face sagging.  These can all be corrected through a facelift procedure.  There are different options for facelifts which determine the length of the scar and the areas that can be treated. Our Las Vegas plastic surgeons can help you to look beautiful again.

The eyebrows can also be affected overtime; losing its peaked appearance and drifting below the orbital rim. This can also be treated through a number of different approaches. There are ways to reduce the size of the forehead at the same time, and minimally scarring techniques that use short incisions and endoscopic cameras to aid in elevation of the eyebrows.

If you wish to have a facelift in Las Vegas and done by a facelift plastic surgeon, contact our office today at 702.410.9800. We have the best possible care available to you to help you on your way to looking great, and feeling great too! We can answer all of your questions once you schedule your consultation. If you feel you need the best facelift surgeon, look no further. We can promise you we will take the best care of you possible and you will love your results.

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